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Is Stuttering Barcelona Becoming the New Manchester United?

Barcelona's bad defeat against Valencia in La Liga suggests that the world's richest club could be on the verge of a full-blown crisis.

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Elaborate PlayStation 5 Fake Leak Fools the Internet for an Entire Weekend

An elaborate PlayStation 5 fake leak showing the next-generation console's boot-up sequence took the internet by storm this weekend.

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Stop Using Kobe Bryant’s Death to Promote Your Dying Cryptocurrency

Kobe Bryant’s shock death sparked outpourings of grief and tributes but this crypto company spun it into a distasteful marketing opportunity.

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A Global Recession is Coming if China Fails to Kill Coronavirus Spread

The Wuhan coronavirus is accelerating its spread, and in combination with previous risk factors it may end up causing a global recession.

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Dow Futures Decimated but Wall Street is Buying the Coronavirus Dip

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures point to disastrous stock market open but JP Morgan sees a unique buying opportunity.

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Should Liverpool Sweat Over Jurgen Klopp’s Commitment, Long-Term?

Jurgen Klopp signed a new contract with Liverpool in December, but will he see out his deal? There's been talk of burnout.

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Scientists Pinpoint 2 Causes Behind China's Deadly Coronavirus - They're Both Shocking

Scientists identified two possible root causes of Coronavirus: the consumption of wildlife such as bats in Wuhan and potential leak of virus.

  • Published At: 2020-01-27T09:22:52Z
Edfluence or That Time Jake Paul Scammed His Underage Followers

Jake Paul is a conman who has exploited children and sold clip art as his own work. Oh, he also scammed a whole bunch of people.

  • Published At: 2020-01-27T06:59:57Z
Dow Futures Crash as Coronavirus Spreads and Rocket Hits U.S. Embassy

The Dow Jones faces a disastrous open as the coronavirus spreads across America and the U.S. embassy in Iraq is hit with a rocket strike.

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Can the Stock Market Survive a Bernie Sanders Nomination?

Wall Street is just as nervous about Bernie Sanders as mainstream Obama Democrats. Will the Sanders surge trigger a stock market pullback?

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